I've decided to post to Facebook in a different way. I'm doing it through which auto posts to my Facebook account. This way, I more directly control my content since at some point, people are going to just get fed up with Facebook (me included) and leave them behind. I want a record of all the things I posted over the years without having to worry if I can get it out of Facebook at some point.

This post is being composed via my account and what you're reading now is the result of posthaven auto posting this to my Facebook account. You can also go directly to my blog web address at, via the web and just bypass Facebook altogether. You can even subscribe to email updates through the blog page at

Nice thing about posthaven is you can post more kinds of things (like audio files) that Facebook places restrictions on. And it's really easy to post to posthaven, too. Just email your post to your posthaven email address, with a picture attached or a link...etc.

It does cost $5 a month, but you own it all and you never have to worry about what the future holds. They'll always be around (as per their pledge to their customers.)